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We all know that feeling. Burnout. You are in the whizz of life, keep getting sick and haven’t really noticed yourself breathing in a while. Are you even alive? Neglecting ourselves or loved ones is something none of us ever plan to do to, but it’s something most of us do when the busyness takes over. At The Box Of we are all about PLANNING in time out. Sounds odd but to create that zen and relaxed life you dream of, you have to start somewhere.

Here are some of our top tips to self-care and bringing a little balance.

1. Pop it in the diary

Schedule that reminder for TLC. If you hate pop up notifications and digital stuff, this can be in a physical diary form or on a wall planner. The point is, you are trying to focus on deliberately putting yourself at the top of your to do list. Order a subscription box for a monthly reminder or get a fantastic wall planner.

2. Choose your go tos

Think ahead about what is and isn’t part of your self care plan. Do you need to talk to your best friend for 10 minutes before sliding in to a bath? Is it a self massage kit that creates your golden moment. Do you need to check in with a therapist or motivational YouTuber or perhaps ready a book you can disappear into? Find it, own it and have it at the ready.

My go to is comfy clothes and socks. Check out The Box of Comfort [Hygge]

Self care to do list

3. Know the spaces that excite!

And put them in your phone so you can call up your options at a moments notice. It’ll need to be something that gives you the ‘aaah’ moment when you think about it, otherwise you’ll just skip over it and prioritise something else! Think about where you’ve most found joy. Sauna brings lots of joy for me and so does my bedroom and an aromatherapy soy candle. Those are my sweet spots. What are yours?

Another of my local cafe sweet spots!

4. Box out your time

Remember you are unavailable. Your time out is just as important as a meeting at work. That one minute you need with your Thankful stone to breathe is important! Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Set an alarm, or even better a timer and say no!

5. Do what relaxes you

Don’t forget to relax. Seeking peace is one of the things we need to do in the modern world. To actively release peace requires focusing on simplicity. Breathe, pray, pause and take a moment, focus on one thing and meditate. Do whatever it is you need to empty your busy mind and find some solid ground.

We suggest a candle Moment of Calm

6. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

And lastly, the old tried and tested rest and food should be high on you self care planning list. I’m going to be your parent and remind you to eat! You need to sustain yourself when everything has erupted.

We also like Rhythm 108 raw food and Alchemy Blends Superblends Superfood featured in The Box of Refresh

You’re all set.

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