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I thoroughly recommend an A list. I am not talking about anything typically VIP (although here at The Box Of. we do think you are a very important person). What we mean an easy access type of priority list of things you really like to do. Something that should always be pulled out when life gets challenging. It’s a first aid and a practical quick fix to a bad day, week, month or year.


I found out what made me smile after flicking through the pictures on my phone. Turns out I was most alive visiting new spots around town, taking pictures of pretty things and laughing with close friends. So I do more of that. Now I challenge you to do a brain dump and write a list. Keep it somewhere close so you can whip it out at the drop of a hat. On your phone, in your diary, in your hair. Just kidding, but you catch my drift.

Here are some ideas to move you to a great space in a matter of minutes:

  1. Sleep. Just sleep. Sleep and good mood go hand in hand. How easy is it to be nice, controlled, pleasant and positive when you’re getting by on 4 hours. Lack of sleep impacts physical health and mind health. That’s an easy one.

  2. Laugh at something...with someone. I know. How can you just laugh? Well that’s why those Facebook meme’s are so popular and platforms like Lads Bible do so well. Anything to brake 'the solemn' is a positive thing.

  3. Pray or meditate. It doesn't have to be forever Spending a moment with a higher power or in silence for 5 - 10 minutes is always a great way to centre yourself. It helps slow you down and recognise the worth and context of your life. There’s a massive link between spirituality and happiness.

  4. Star Jumps.

  5. Dance recklessly, move about. Basically anything that gets your endorphins going and stimulates the brain gets a thumbs up.

  6. Spend time or money on someone else. Giving makes you happy. It touches on your ability to look outside yourself which is always ironically a good idea to making yourself happy! So be generous! Apparently the UK is the most generous country in Europe, followed by Ireland and the Netherlands so they should be happiest. Hmmm.

  7. Challenge yourself - try something new. People who engage in a variety of new things are most likely to have positive emotions - Psychologist Rich Walker of Winston-Salem State University looked at 30,000 event memories and over 500 diaries, ranging from durations of 3 months to 4 years. And the most adventurous where the happiest.

  8. Give and get hugs. You think you hate touching. You might do but try letting the wall down and you may be surprised by just how much you love it.

  9. Stalk yourself on Facebook. Flick through your own photos. It sounds sad, but you know you do it anyway. Check out those good memories regularly. Reflecting on the ups and highlights tricks your brain in to thinking you have THE - BEST - LIFE

  10. Watch a sunset. This one’s self explanatory. Being in nature is a natural sugar rush.

  11. Know your favourite tunes Get that favourite playlist out. Research shows that music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety. Come on Spotify. For regular out of the box tips on happier living. Sign up for alerts!

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