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Be honest. You neglect yourself regularly don’t you. It’s common for most people in this day and age to focus so hard on living well, that we tend to not live that well! A demanding job, a need to pass an exam, wanting to be the best parent, all leaves us performing well in these areas only to seriously underperform in maintaining ourselves, which eventually has a knock on effect.

Self care socks and blanket

Self care is vital for creating a more balanced life, but we all seem to think we can do without it. Aches and pains for daily living? Self care. Job you hate? Self care. Commute that drives you crazy? Self care. Long term illness physical or mental? Self care. It’s perfect for dealing with anything chronic giving the space you need to connect with yourself.

But seeing as you probably know all of this already and still are not prioritising it, here are my top 5 to reasons as to why you should put self care in your routine now!

1. Sacrificing your health is overrated. We all chase the dream and we think it’s incredibly important, but actually you're family and friends are important, being well and able to enjoy the life your creating one day, is also important.

2. Happiness is often found in simple experiences. Most self care involves living in the now and experiencing your reality. Anything that helps you get in that place is good.

3. You think you’re being REALLY effective…

But when you power through life without self care, it’s a bit like driving the car on low oil a year after the MOT is due and being confused when it breaks down. How did that happen?

3. You are so worth it.

Half the time we forget to self care simply because we think we are undeserving and don’t have time etc. But if you thought it was important you’d make the time. You're so important!

4. Getting into a better headspace in life, HELPS others. Love is an overflow. Which means you can’t give out fully if you don’t feel it yourself. So look at it like this. When you light a candle and have a bath you are giving yourself the chance to be a Mother Theresa to all ;-)

Carve out time in your schedule this week to make self care happen!

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