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3 ways to improve your mental health building blocks

We all get lizzard brain syndrome to some degree and go to our primal instincts (usually fear) as a way of handling life when we're stressed out. So we need quick ways to stay calm and manage our mental health to keep a sustained positive mindset. Here are three simple ways to stay on top of the mind game to reframe a difficult moment, situation or year.

1) Hey, runaway thoughts

Unsurprisingly, it all starts with unhelpful thoughts, which creates feelings and behaviours that contradict what you want from life. But how do you stop them? You can't really. Thoughts are (head) space invaders, but you don't have to accept them. When a negative thought enters your mind, you'll know because it'll feel icky. Stop and recognise what it is. It's just a thought and not necessarily reality. Catch it like the unfavourable contents of a winter handkerchief and think about whether you agree or want to agree with it.

2) To believe or not believe

Challenge those thoughts and don't let the alien thinking get away with setting the pace of your day or changing your moment for the worse.

Ask yourself what you would say in that situation to someone in your life sharing that thought. Does it pass the weird voice test? Say it out loud in an unusual voice. Getting creepy? time to drop that thought right away.

Choosing alternative thoughts provide Instant relief, your negative feelings will pause as you decide what does and doesn't serve you.

3) All change!

Now you've stopped venturing down the rabbit hole, you can think about replacing bad thoughts with the positive things that you might want to do or say to change your behaviour. Is it an affirmation or statement? Do you want to simply get up and get on with your day? You decide.

And that's it! It seems simple, but you will or won't make a success of this on any given day, but now you have the working knowledge, so that when you are in position to try and reframe, do it!

Maybe pin this blog somewhere, you know, so you don't forget how.

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