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Hello there.

Thanks for visiting our corner! We are passionate about people feeling well and living their best lives. We think it is important to find tools to stay in a good space and relax and recharge, as well as celebrate and encourage those you care about. 



We all go through tough times. And often we forget the good advice friends and family give us, the truths about how awesome we are, or fail to take care of ourselves and end up back where we started.


In today's chaotic world what we need is some stability in our thoughts and actions. And the older we get, the more bumps and scrapes we endure, so the greater our need and appreciation for some quality, regular  TLC.


The Box Of. is a sweet surprise born from our passions and own SELF CARE needs as busy modern women working in the big smoke. Together with a team of top notch advisors, we’ve created a rotating selection of honest 'good for you' products and practices that inspire you to find space in your life to focus on the positive and keep going the right way, whatever life throws at you. 


Through quiet appreciation of people and the love that already exists in our lives, when we take time to connect with the bigger picture more happy moments blossom. The Box of. helps you do that - it's the GOOD SPACE of thoughtful tranquillity that you or someone you care about deserves. Join the movement and chat and discover more of the good stuff.


Rochelle & Shana (Founders of The Box of. & Goodspace Delivered)

In 2017 founder sisters Rochelle and Shana launched The Box Of and now Goodspace Delivered on mission to do something about the daily western struggle to find time to deeply care for oneself and others.


Lacking very little in love and stuff and receiving packaged gifts from wonderful aunts and uncles, the ultimate gift was THE BOX.


Always transporting the girls to a good space, the box opening ceremony was as fascinating as the gift itself, because most of all it was a token of care and deserved indulgence. You know, that cosy, warm feeling you get when somebody bothers to think about what you need or might be going through and sends their love from afar.

Good things that happen when you treat yourself right. The truth is, life’s little joys and special moments are already given. The Box Of & Goodspace are containers and reminders of all things and thoughts that flow from empathy and simple delightful experiences, delivered through conscious people and business coming together to help you action daily nourishment, positive routines and caring for self and others on the go.





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