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Finding space. What does that even mean? Is seems to be a place that bendy yoga gurus or mung bean eating bearded trendies (like my sister), find and regularly go to. But what does it actually mean and where is this place?

In a busy world, finding extra space in our head or a relaxation in our day, is a real challenge. Just as we feel we've mastered it in one place, and have our high five "YAS" moment, something else comes up. Our ducks move into a zigzag.

January is here, but the holidays were certainly a learning curve that taught me 5 important lessons:

1) Finding space for you, in your busy day is essential for your wellbeing.

On Christmas Eve, I was busy! I found myself getting overwhelmed with all the tasks and activities. My head felt full and I was beginning to feel exhausted. How would I fit it all in 24 hours? I really wanted to take some time out to find a literal peaceful space and one inside my head. A little voice chattered up in my mind, "Hey, you don't have time!" I chose to ignore the voice, and made a decision. Even if for only 10 minutes, I was going to get into MY space, and find time for that.

2) Ignore any chatter in your head that puts you off from finding space.

Once back from my walk, I decided to give myself some time, so ran myself a bath. Now, I seldom relax in a bath, I usually opt for quicker showers to save on time. As I shouted to my hubby not to let my 5-year-old son interrupted me in the bathroom, a guilty pang gripped my tummy. The chatter voice tried to creep in again "Really? Do you have time for that?" Again I ignored the voice and went all out with a bubbly, candle lit, wine holding, book reading, relaxing bath. :-)

3) If you wait until you have a big time chunk to relax and find a good space, it probably wont happen!

Just decide. It's the first step.

4) It can be a simple thing at your fingertips, that help you to unwind and find that space.

Firstly, I decided to get out of the physical location that was overwhelming me. I went for a leisurely walk, and for a change took in the scenery. I thought about nothing else, but what was present now around me. I took pleasure in looking at the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights on some of the houses I walked passed. The beauty of them made me smile outwardly AND inwardly, and did something to my reality. Something so simple made me feel good, and I felt like I could exhale. It also re-affirmed that there was life outside of my lists.

5) It is important to appreciate the now and the present, instead of living in the future all the time.

For 20 minutes, I was taken to a blissful place, of relaxation and indulgence. "Ahhh", I felt myself really unwinding. I pushed any thoughts of lists and tomorrow’s stuff out, and just focused on the present. I was loving the space I was in the NOW.

Find space this week. Let us know how you did!

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