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A quick notice on reduced dispatch days during Covid-19


White Musk & Sandalwood Luxe Aromatherapy Soy Vegan Scented Candle.


The [‘Aha’, ‘Haha’ or ‘Aaaaah’] moment


S C E N A R I O:

You're overwhelmed and finally at home after a long day/ week. All you want to do is curl on the sofa. You light a candle, run a bath and allow the smooth, clean, yet warming notes wash over your senses...take off your load.




Breathe easy and fill your lungs and senses with an airy candle that's as light as feather. A sensual blend for relaxation, healing and restoration.


Our hand poured candles are 100% high-quality soy for a clean, considerate burn with 10% of fragrant essential oils to bring you wellness benefits of aromatherapy and a naturally inspired experience.


Each candle is uniquely hand made in London and presented in our signature white box.


Natural Organic Soy. Essential Oils.

200 ml.



F E E L S Take a moment and mellow out.


  • Candle burn time is up to 30 - 40 hours approx.


    It’s important to take time to first burn the candle continuously for two to three hours (or until it reaches the tin sides) to create the perfect melt pool and set the tone.


    Unlike paraffin waxes the candle surface will have an authentic textured appearance.


    Never leave burning candles unattended.


    Size 200ml.

  • A quick notice on reduced dispatch days during Covid-19


    We offer Royal Mail first and second class delivery options available at checkout. Please note that our dispatching time is 2-3 business days max (we'll usually send out next business day) from the time of your purchase. Please contact us for more information if needed. 


    Orders over £85 are free delivery!

    European shipping now available.

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