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Good things come in threes...


Lay down your stressy life for a trio of treats working together perfectly to create that spa-like zen you've been in  need of for a long time. A perfect gift to self or from one friend/ family member to another, our trios work like a dream  to ease your woes.

Breathe easy and fill your lungs and senses with our White Musk and Sandalwood aromatherapy soy candle. A sensual blend for relaxation, healing and restoration.

These minis contain three types of moments in one single delivery; 


Moment 1: Breathe - White Musk and Sandalwood aromatherapy soy candle. A sensual blend for relaxation, healing and restoration.


Moment 2. Calm - Lavender and Vanilla aromatherapy soy candle. A comforting and soothing blend to make your toes uncurl and shoulders relax instantly.


Moment 5: Peace - Peach Blossom and Water Jasmine aromatherapy soy candle. A zen moment to create your inner calm and happy.


Get some fresh air in a wick and create space to channel thoughts and intentions into something more positive.



Make way for a good space and breathe life into your four walls or on the go. Our revived mindful moment candles create room for a happy place where you need it most, your head. A guaranteed positive spot, our aromatherapy infused simple soy wax candles are guilt free, good for you, containers of relaxation and rest that light up a room wherever they go,melting away your daily pain points.




Presented in our pure white tins, these recyclable do gooders are 100% vegan soy and feature a clean burning wick. They come in 3 heavenly scents per bundle and 10% oils across the range to optimise your burn time for your needs.


Each candle is uniquely hand poured in London and delivered in our ‘best friend’ tube boxes. They come with an affirming reminder and simple guide on a card, to support you through a good moment and the wellness benefits of your scent.



Because we believe that two are better than one, for every two candle bundles sold in our Mindful Moments range £1 goes to a charity that supports isolated people struggling with tough circumstances and mental health.


For a complete mindful experience combine blend and choose scents from across the range including our 120ml and 500ml jars or upgrade for a visual treat with our Golden ‘Just a Moment’ candles to stimulate all senses.


Natural Organic Soy. Essential Oils.


Burn (approx): 100 - 120ml per candle - a total of 60+hours


***A quick note on reduced dispatch days during Covid-19 


  • Approximate candle burn time is up to 20+  hrs approx (one wick) for each candle.

    It’s important to take time to first burn the candle continuously for two to three hours (or until it reaches the tin sides) to create the perfect melt pool and set the tone.


    Unlike paraffin waxes the candle surface will have an authentic textured appearance.

    Never leave burning candles unattended (throw off that eye mask and blow it out first!)

    For our 120ml & 500ml sizes  search our Little and Large Goodspace Mindful Moments candle and luxe gold tin  'Just a Moment' range.

  • A quick note on reduced dispatch days during Covid-19


    We offer Royal Mail first and second class delivery options available at checkout. Please note that our dispatching time is 2-3 business days max (we'll usually send out next business day) from the time of your purchase. Please contact us for more information if needed. 


    Orders over £85 are free delivery!

    European shipping now available.

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