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Luxury aromatherapy soy luxury GOO:DSPACE candle hand-poured in London that gives back. Comes in 5 scents with accompanying faith-affirming scripture to encourage and remind you that you're doing well to get to a good mental space from moment to moment.


Soothing Scents: 


Moment 1: And BREATHE... White Musk & Sandalwood GOO:DSPACE Aromatherapy Soy Candle


Breathe easy and fill your lungs and senses with our White Musk and Sandalwood aromatherapy soy candle. A sensual blend for relaxation, healing, and restoration.


Accompanying Affirmation Card reads I’m still here with scripture on the reverse.  




Moment 2: And CALM...Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Soy GOO:DSPACE Candle


Make way for a bestseller and restore your sense of balance and calm and adjust your mental load with this soothing, comforting, and soothing lavender and vanilla blend aromatherapy soy candle. Two perfect peas in the pod to therapeutically reduce anxiety.


Accompanying Affirmation Card reads I’m still glad with scripture on the reverse. 



Moment 4: And LOVE...Rose Vanilla & Strawberry Champagne Aromatherapy Soy GOO:DSPACE SOY Candle


Cherish luxury time and revel in the love with the sweet scent of Strawberry & Champagne aromatherapy soy candle. Indulge in the scrumptious notes of Rose & Chocolate with floating notes of vanilla. 

Accompanying Affirmation Card reads I’m still loved with scripture on the reverse. 



Moment 5:  And PEACE... Peach Blossom & Water Jasmine Aromatherapy Soy GOO:DSPACE Candle


When life is hijacked on a daily basis by stressors, this simple yet sweet peach blossom and Water Jasmine aromatherapy soy candle offer a calm backdrop and a chance to fill up and listen to what we really need.  Set the tone, elevate and restore your sense of balance and stillness with a wonderful blend for a fresh perspective and cosy Vanilla notes to complement.


Accompanying Affirmation Card reads I’m still known with scripture on the reverse. 




Moment 6: And BRAVE...Ylang Ylang & Patchouli Aromatherapy Soy GOO:DSPACE Candle


Recharge and recognise your progress with our Ylang Ylang & Patchouli aromatherapy soy candle combination creating an earthy and euphoric scent, resulting in a scent rich and deep that releases inhibitions and your ability to push through.


Accompanying Affirmation Card reads I’m still able with scripture on the reverse. 



Presented in pure white glass jars, these recyclable do gooders are 100% vegan soy and feature a clean burning wick. They come in 5 heavenly scents and 10% oils across the range of three sizes to optimise your burn time for your needs.



Because TWO is better than ONE. For every 2 Candles sold, £1 goes to the Mind and Soul Foundation charity to support someone else going through a tough time. 




  • A quick note on reduced dispatch days during Covid-19


    We offer Royal Mail first and second class delivery options available at checkout. Please note that our dispatching time is 2-3 business days max (we'll usually send out next business day) from the time of your purchase. Please contact us for more information if needed. 


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