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The decluttering phase is on. Every year, usually around January I go organization crazy, but apparently I'm not the only one.

Minimalism has taken off in a big way. The concept of living simply, in spacious surroundings and what seems like in monochrome (die hard minimalists will tell you that is NOT the truth) is a movement and a lifestyle that is akin to to a lack of decoration and less of everything. Less stuff, less indulgence, less running around at 7am looking for your watch when it was under a pile of pillows you accumulated (and have taken pride in) for a decade...or two.

A happy spacious and organised home.

Truth be told, living a slightly less complex life in a complicated and noisy world is unsurprisingly appealing. One of the known best ways to have clarity and avoid mental stress in life is having nice livable (and loveable) environment.

I've foraged and found advice to help you start that journey of simplicity. Which in my mind is knowing where everything is and freeing up headspace to concentrate on other things to find more peace and productivity.

Here are my top 5 tips on decluttering for a more minimalist life from the bloggers and vloggers I love.

1. Imagine the end result.

I love instagram (Check our feed) and am constantly inspired by some of the minimalist aesthetics I see. If you are going to get through this challenge, you have to be inspired! When you have a zillion clothes surrounding you and it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel you will hang on to the fact that you will be lying in bliss come 10pm. Hold that vision.

Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

2. Declutter with Marie Kondo

Nearly every minimalist blogger swears by the lady who wrote a book called 'The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying' and her KonMarie method, so my guess was that she is probably worth reading up on. She's a organisation guru from Japan in her early thirties who encourages you to commit to the task, imagine the end result, fold items in a certain way and to lay out all clothing so you can see just how much you've got. She also advises you categorise items like clothes, papers, sentimentals, then encourages you to only keep items that spark joy. Speaking of which...

3. Keep things that only spark joy

This makes sense. Things that give you an instant smile should stay. But if they don’t, why are they there? We are so frequently bogged down with items like clothing that we just don’t want to wear, but we keep because we or someone else bought it. If you pass over it very often, it’s for good reason. Send it away.

4. Actually throw things away

This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many of us (me included) just hold on and shift things around the house. (See point 5. Virtually doesn't count!) Giving them away, to charity, to friends, to sell. It is the only way you’ll free up space. If a shelf looks cluttered, it probably is so don't shuffle it around, remove something. Muchelle B (link below) is one of my inspirations and is really good at being ruthless. Say goodbye.

Breathe Pillow.

5. Take breaks and be easy on yourself!

Preferably do each category in one day. But make sure you take breaks and be snack ready. Have cups of tea, slap yourself on the back and praise the Lord when you are done. One of my little tips for holding on to sentimental items is to take a photo before discarding (I am clearly attached). It allows me to release the stress of letting the item go but I have a digital back up! Eventually the files often go missing on corrupt or I run out of storage or don't care anymore and let it go completely.

Those were my top 5 ways to create physical space and headspace. Happy decluttering!

How to fold like a pro the Marie Kondo way :

Set your intention with Muchelle B

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