Welcome to The Box Of. blog!

A little space to bring you to a better one.

We create the perfect gift box for happy moments. So we thought we'd use our first post to simply say 'hi' to all of you who came over to our little corner and tell you why. We are so excited to have you here.

Really, we want this blog to highlight our passion, which is space and simple joy. What do you mean by space, I hear you say? Well, head space and heart space. The world is full of people bogged down with daily challenges, so all that most of us on any path to sanity and joy want to do is break, indulge in the joy of now and create room away from the 'swirl'. To stop and find happiness in simple, wonderful things already given. We all need to see, taste and feel the goodness of life and be reminded of the bigger picture.

So here we are promoting that one moment, or five, with boxes. A gorgeous container of good things that flourish once their out. A bit like you.

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Spread the word.

Rochelle & Shana.