F E E L S.


For when you're constantly in your head. The Box of Peace is a perfect way to unwind and break from a stressful, busy day or anxious mindset.



I N S I D E  Y O U R  T R I O  B O X  (From £39 - £70)


1  x  'JUST A MOMENT' PEACE Aromatherapy Soy Candle

Set the tone to elevate and restore your sense of balance and calm with this soothing hand-poured luxury soy candle. A wonderful blend of delicious Peach Blossom and Water Jasmine for a fresh perspective and cosy Vanilla notes for comfort. Our hand poured candles are 100% high-quality soy for a clean, considerate burn with over 10% of fragrant essential oils to bring you wellness benefits of aromatherapy and a naturally inspired experience.




Toppings are an optional extra.


1 x  'B E  S T I L L'  PEACE Thankful Stone


This handpicked and skillfully designed luxury stone helps you remember to be grateful for the gold that's in the small things right here and now. With a real 24k gold foil design, the precious Be. Still stone is attractive for home, work environment, and small enough to fit in your pocket. These unique one-of-a-kind stones will never be identical.


1  x 'I  AM ENOUGH'  affirmation necklace  (gold or silver plated)  by Soul Analyse or 'MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE'  reminder necklace.


Stunning 14ct gold or silver-plated extendable pendant  necklace by Soul Analyse features engraved words onto a bar.  Nickel-free and hypoallergenic. Strong and durable, designed for everyday wear. 45cm – 50cm.




Delicate fine glass message in a bottle necklace on silver-plated chain, conceals a blank note ready for personalisation. Wear your 'Note to self' as a daily reminder of promises close to your heart and hopes bubblling and already underway.



Simple and Nordic in design and sensory, very much like humans, inside is where everything goes on. You’ll find a thoughtfully curated trio of handmade collection of nature-inspired gifts to feel positive, happier, and in a great space.


ADD ON a greeting card for an upgraded opening ceremony!


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  • To get the happiest moments from your products take special care:


    Our candles are 100% high quality soy for a clean, considerate burn with over 20ml of fragrant essential oils to bring you wellness benefits of aromatherapy and a naturally inspired experience.

    Burn time is up to 30-40 hours approx.


    When carrying your thankful stone, keep in your pouch and avoid rubbing excessively to retain the gold. REMEMBER it is precious 24K gold foiled so handle with care.
    Stones are 2cm x 5cm in size.


    Keep out of reach and away from pets or small children.


    Let your message in a bottle stay dry and hope alive. This one's not for floating in water.