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A quick notice on reduced dispatch days during Covid-19


GRATITUDE (= happiness)


Take a moment to sit still and touch something sensory while you recall all the things that are great in life.


The Box Of. Luxury Thankful Stone is 24k Gold foil designed - a simple and beautiful handmade keepsake to encourage you to feel grounded when things feel up in the air.


Hold and touch as a reminder that your peace of mind is a luxury you can afford one moment at a time. As the stone wears, be proud of ALL the thankful moments that you declared!


Be grateful always!


Stones are approx 2cm x 5cm in size.



This product qualifies as an ADD on inside all boxes except Little White Trios due to space. Please note we will contact you if your order product does not fit, but most will!


  • To get the happiest moments from your products take special care:

    When carrying and transporting your thankful stone, keep in your protective pouch and avoid rubbing excessively on the design side to retain the gold. REMEMBER it is precious 24K gold foiled, so do handle with care. 

    Keep out of reach and away from pets or small children.

  • We offer Royal Mail first and second class delivery options available at checkout. Please note that our dispatching time is 2-3 business days max (we'll usually send out next business day) from the time of your purchase. Please contact us for more information if needed. 


    Orders over £85 are free delivery!

    European shipping now available.

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